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Global Partners

eCatalystOne provides services to International global partners such as portals, ISV's, banks and telecommunications companies which allow your company to offer:

  • Cash-based eCommerce within your existing domain of users and merchants
  • Cash-based eCommerce from your country into many of the largest U.S.-based eMerchants such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CDNow, etc.
  • Cash or bank transfer filled accounts for your customers who reside in the U.S. and wish to shop with merchants either in the U.S. or in other countries within your domain.
  • Electronic P2P transfers from users in your country to users in the United States, and from the U.S. into your country.

eCommerce outside of the United States is exploding. Some analysts project annual growth rates in Latin America and Asia to exceed 100% for the next few years! One of the challenges that must be overcome to optimize this growth is to provide non-credit card purchasing options, and to link non-U.S. users with U.S. merchants, services, and individuals.

We understand that our global parners are hustling to recruit and retain sizable communities of users as fast as possible. We recognize that "fronting and facilitating" eCommerce is crucial to providing valued services to your customers and to generating revenues for yourselves. For many of you, reaching into the U.S. to establish electronic relationships with expatriates of your country is a significant growth opportunity as well.

eCatalystOne - Extending the reach of e-commerce

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