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Web Merchants on the ePAID network

Many electronic merchants are unable to reach prospective shopping audiences, often because they are in different countries where there is not an efficient, minimal risk payment infrastructure. eCatalystOne and our partners bring thousands of these shoppers to the ePAID network of electronic merchants making the payment directly from eCatalystOne to the merchant. Participating merchants can elect from either of the following alternatives:

Direct Button Integration
This method installs the shopping aggregator/ePAID™ button on their site as a payment option. It offers the benefit of attracting shoppers either through the aggregator, or directly accessed by the end user. Also, in this scenario, the eCatalystOne payment to the merchant is through a direct bank transfer that will cost less than a credit card transaction. This option is of particular interest to merchants who specifically want to target the international audiences that our partners and eCatalystOne serve.

Virtual Integration Program
eCatalystOne has developed a patent pending technology that allows us to easily integrate with electronic merchants without having to make changes to their shopping system. The customer may only shop with this vendor through the aggregators web site, and payment will be made directly to the merchant by eCatalystOne. Some of the merchants we can interface to include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CDNow, and other leading electronic stores.

Excellent Merchant Candidates

Hard goods merchants
Merchants need reliable payment methods to reach global markets.

Content providers
What a perfect way to get your for-fee content, whether music, games or information, to the "rest of the world". Our system is perfect for those pesky micro-payments.

Bill payment services
If you are a non U.S. bill payment service, say in Mexico or India, and you want to provide a service such that your U.S. expatriates can pay bills in your country, in your currency, we are the perfect partner for you!

International electronic auction services
Once again, we can help you break down the barriers that prevent cross-border P2P auction payments.

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