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New Service Provides Powerful Online Funds Movement Options to the Major Portal and ISP in Mexico

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., September 9, 2002 -- eCatalystOne, a leading provider of global online payment services, today announced an agreement with RapidMoney Corporation and the launch of the "Retiro" service. The new service will enable ePaid users to access the RapidMoney® delivery system throughout Mexico.

With this new service, users of, the major Mexican portal and ISP, can now withdraw (retiro) funds throughout Mexico from their Todito-ePAID accounts. Additionally, funds can be withdrawn or the account owner can direct funds to someone else. "The convenience and reach of this approach will greatly enhance the support we provide to the consumers served by our distribution partners," said Dennis Andrews, CEO of eCatalystOne.

"The launch of this new service is the final phase of our three phase plan with Todito and will be instrumental in helping them to reach U.S. Hispanics. This service provides for effective funds movement within Mexico. Our capabilities and the RapidMoney service complement each other very well. This is just the beginning of what we can do with this powerful interface and with RapidMoney Corporation," stated Andrews.

"Linking eCatalystOne to the RapidMoney transfer payment network in Mexico has enabled us to execute an important part of our plans for the Internet with a savvy online partner," said Guy Erb, president and CEO of RapidMoney Corporation. "We have created a very competitive and easy-to-use cash-out feature in Mexico by establishing a real-time and secure connection to the excellent Todito-ePAID system. The options going forward are many."

About eCatalystOne
eCatalystOne, based in Newport Beach, Calif., is an Internet technology company focused on providing Global Online Payment Services. The company's first product, the highly-scalable ePAID™ system, provides major distribution partners the opportunity to issue their own branded prepaid instruments for consumers to use for global online purchases in an environment that is easy and ubiquitous, provides unprecedented security, and handles cross-border challenges such as language and currency conversion.

About RapidMoney Corporation
Based in San Antonio, Texas, RapidMoney Corporation provides its customers and alliance partners with an advanced electronic system for delivery across Mexico and other countries. The RapidMoney® service is secure, fast and easy to use. Immediate cash payment of RapidMoney® requests as well as direct deposits into bank accounts are available throughout Mexico and in other countries in Central and South America.

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